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This site was developed with a Content Management System (Joomla), which

  • is free software
  • allows for quick development,
  • provides an administrative back-end for easy modifications, by developer or users
  • and over 9000 available add-on's (many of which are free) for increased functionality. Click on links below to see some of the available add-on's
    • On-Line Calendars and Event Registration - Serene Intentions uses both to schedule classes on-line
    • Slideshows - See a variety of ways slideshows can be set-up
    • e-Commerce - Blocky Dogs makes custom dog collars and leashes, which requires a shopping cart with a wide variety of options
    • On-line menus - See White Oaks for read only menu, but on-line ordering also available
    • On-line Communities (for Home Owners Associations, Membership Org's, etc.): Members can log in for exclusive access to restricted content and  on-line discussion

Joomla and many of the available add-on's are free.  You pay only for the cost of installation and configuration.

Want to learn more? Give us a call 440-843-7678  for a free demo of how your site can do the same.