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Whether you need a brand new site or a change to your existing site, a poorly designed web site can be worse than having no web site at all. 
You need to:
1. Analyze benefits of a website: You have to know what you’re trying to accomplish before you can decide on the best way to reach your goal.
2. Defining your Web Site's Target Audience: Know your audience’s concerns, and address those, then you’re half way there.
3. Analyze Competitor's sites: You don't want a site that looks just like your competitors. We'll create you one that's better.
4. Graphics: The look of your site needs to fit your Corporate image and should be consistent with print materials you are currently using. We can use any graphics or photos you already have, or design a look and logo to fit your Corporate Image (or create one for you if you don’t have one already).
5. Content: When developing a website, you want to remember that people read differently on the web. People read 25% slower from a computer screen, and web-surfers are a very impatient lot. If you don’t present your message quickly and efficiently, there are millions of other sites just a click away. Web content needs to be both web-readable and Search Engine friendly.
6. Site Flow or Navigation: Visitors need to find what they are looking for, but it is as equally important that they find what you want them to see.
7. Have a Web Marketing Plan: The best site on the web will not provide you with more customers or sales and a return on your investment if no one can find it.

A B C's of Content Writing

Writing content for websites should consider

  • Audience - what they know and what they don't
  • Benefits - what Results will you achieve for your clients
  • Concerns - if you address your clients concerns, you won half the battle

The same principles should be applied to every 'message', whether it's verbal
written or digital.

Learn more: Download white paper on the ABC's