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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website listed on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines is a tougher task today.  If requires the right content on your site, and links from other sites. 

Forty percent of the formula for how your site is ranked comes from your site.  You have control over the content on your site, but knowing what keywords to use, and how to use them is all important.

  • Keyword Phrase Research is needed to learn what the right phrases are.  It doesn't do you any good to optimize the page for phrases that no one is using.
  • Once you know the phrases, you have to use them on the page in the right ways, and be sure you're not violating the basic rules.  Using the phrase too much, or in the wrong ways can get your site penalized.
  • Keeping your content fresh is also important.  If your site hasn't been changed in over a year, your ranking is probably lower than it could be, because the rules are chaning all the time.


The other 60% of the ranking formula comes from outside your website.  From sites which are outside your control. 

  • Inbound Links, or Back Links, are other sites that link to yours.  But not all links are created equal.  Knowing how to turn a weak link into a strong one is the trick.
  • There are many ways to get high quality Inbound Links, and MEC Systems can guide you through the process of getting them.  Or we can do it for you.
    • Other's websites
    • FaceBook
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Forums
    • Chamber websites
    • Your Vendors and Clients
    • and many more

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