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Illinois Credit Services

Illinois Credit Services came to MEC systems to redesign their minimalist, out-dated website.  We created an entirely new website, using the Content Management System, Joomla

The new site is also better optimized for Search Engine Ranking.

RESULTS: New site has

  • Dynamic features such as
    • Changing slideshow
    • Mosaic Features
  • Contact forms interfaced with InfusionSoft
  • Article Libraries
  • and more

Within a few months, traffic to the site had increased by 40% over the same time period the year before

Illinois Credit Services helps their clients get control of their credit by showing them the right way to eliminate inaccurate information on their credit reports.  They also write any necessary disoute letters (to creditors and credit bureaus).  By providing needed educational information, Illinois Credit Services helps their clients develop plans to potentially improve their credit.  Getting involved in your own credit is the best way to make a change, and Illinois Credit Services helps show your how.

Illinois Credit Services


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