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Providing Shortcuts to Productivity

Mary Cilia, President and Owner of MEC Systems, started MEC Systems in 1991, when she returned to Ohio after 15 years in Chicago. Running her own company has allowed Mary to do what she loves to do best; working with clients to find digital solutions to their everyday business problems and to help them build their business through technology.

During her 38 year career, has developed Order Entry and Inventory Control applications for Distributors, Accounting packages and Wire Transfer systems for the Banking Industry. She has worked with industries as varied as Office Products, Electrical and Industrial Supply, Pharmacy Benefits Management, Catalog and List Management and the Banking Industry. She served as Vice-President of a multi-location Office Products Retailer where she headed up their systems division, developing and marketing their own Retail Point of Sale system. 

The internet provided the venue that allowed Mary to combine two aspects of her expertise, systems development and marketing creativity. Digital marketing, in the form
of Website and Presentation development now make up the majority of her business.

 Our Approach

  • We strive to understand your business to find the best solutions for you
  • Use terminology that you know and understand, not cyber-babble
  • We will teach you as much as you would like to know.
    • If you would like a hand-on-approach, we will guide or teach you what you need to know to do it yourself
    • If you'd rather not deal with the technical details, we can do it for you