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Helping Companies MAXIMIZE
the Potential of Technology and the Internet

Providing Shortcuts to Productivity

  • CRM Software because if you don't have control of your information, you're wasting time.
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  • Does your technology help your employees get their jobs done, or make it harder? We provide shortcuts to Productivity.
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  • Website Design through Content Management is faster and less expensive. And you have control of your own site.
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  • With a website developed with CMS, adding special functionality may not be as expensive as you think:
    Over 7000 add-on's available, and most are free!

    - Events and Calendars
    - On-Line Registration
    - Shopping Carts
    - On-line Catalogs
    - On-Line Appointment Booking
    - Portfolios and Galleries
    - On-line Communities

    - and much, much more.
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  • No Cyber-Babble or Techno-Jargon

    No Cyber-Babble or
    Techno-Jargon spoken at MEC.

    We will teach you as much as you want to learn, in plain English.
  • Small businesses need technology as much, if not more than larger companies. To compete with the larger companies, you have to have control of your information, and work efficiently.
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  • Effective Communications are essential in everything you print or say, from your website to your 30-second commercial. say it Right!
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  • Solving Business Problems through Technology

    Don't be satisfied with not understanding technology. Technology is the employee you don't have to pay.